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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Stalker (starring Iain Hall)

Serial cyber-stalker Iain Hall has begun sending me unsolicited emails in response to a comment I wrote on Grodscorp. After a couple of these emails, consisting of Iain's semi-literate rants about his 'troll', I pointed out to him his hypocrisy, by suggesting that he linked to some blogs that are hate-sites by any definition. The clowns at A Wanker's Haven, in particular, come to mind. Hall has used these correspondences as fodder for his latest post.
Hall basically tries 2 lines of argument. One, he suggests that I cannot criticise the bigotry of AWH, as apparently I support jihad. Secondly, in his emails, Hall repeatedly tries to claim that his detractors have 'threatened' him, and that his own stalking is/was entirely innocuous.
Firstly, it's uncontroversial to all but the most frothing at the mouth proto-fascists that AWH is an extremist hate-site. Others have pointed out some evidence for his, as have I. To put this in context, I have written a number of posts examining the rise of the radical right in the West, and discussed how the consequences of this rise are generally trivialised by the MSM, whilst Muslims (and gays, and um, Democrats voters) continue to demonised. I've also discussed the violent consequences of this ideology, in Cronulla, and elsewhere.
Our resident retard has, for some time now, given his uncritical support for this hate-site, saying that AWH's authors 'are courageous enough to stand up for our western society and tradition, which they vigorously and cheerfully defend.' The only tradition for which AWH stands is that involving brownshirts and jackboots, but naturally, this niceties escape Hall. To that end, back in July, after being the subject of many Hall posts, I wrote:

I've added Hallwatch to my
blog roll, something that will no doubt anger the subject of the said blog, Iain
Hall. Iain has a history of dubious online behaviour (which, in fairness,
appears to have improved somewhat of late), and Hallwatch functions as a kind of
psychoanalytic 'return of the repressed', making public all the stuff the Iain
disavows. Iain has often attempted to 'fisk', as he puts it, the present writer,
though his critiques don't go beyond cliches, slogans, and patronising ad
hominem attacks about my presumed age and political beliefs. All of this is
something I take with good humour. Perhaps Iain is even correct in believing his
right-wing mediocrity is a virtue; after all, it appears to be practiced in
company. And this company is the primary reason for my adding Hallwatch to my
blogroll. For as long as Iain gives support and links to those who agitate for genocide
and fascism
, it is essential that his online 'conscience' be given a voice
on cyberspace. (July 2007)

These points were reiterated by me in my emailed responses to Hall, who has repeatedly badgered me about my 'support' for Hallwatch. Hall not only denies that AWH are proto-fascist in any respect, he accuses me of 'supporting jihad'. He repeated this claim via email, and I therefore challenged him to provide a shred of evidence for his assertions. His only 'evidence' has come today, when he has posted a quote of mine saying that we can 'readily explicate acts of terror' in countries that are occupied or at war. In this regard, I mentioned not only jihadists, but also the Tamil Tigers, and the Shining Path. Again, this statement is fairly uncontroversial, irrespective of your political persuasion, and it doesn't contain any endorsement of terrorism. Of course, we have not come to expect literacy from Hall.
Hall's rubbishy 'argument' in today's post doesn't contain anything other than a few non-sequiters, demands that I condemn jihad, and other garbage, presented in mangled syntax and backwoods dialect.
Secondly, in his various emails, Hall has exonerated himself for his long history of internet stalking. When challenged on his behaviour with Anonymous Lefty, and his name calling and threats to the employment of Mikey, for instance, Hall says:

I have brokered some sort of accommodation with the both Jeremy Sear and
Mikey Capital, I have made some rather big concessions in the process...There is
however one thing that you should realise about our learned friend and that is
that he did not start out posting as "Anonymous Lefty” His first blog was called
"Melbourne lefty" and he was not so precious about posting either his personal
details nor his own photo (which is how I got it from a google cache). It was
only after he was indiscrete about things that were going on in the law firm he
then worked for that he was forced, by him employer, to delete his
"Melbourne lefty blog" low and behold he then started his current blog with a
post begging for discretion from some of his blogging mates and tried to claim

Oh. Well that's not stalking then, is it...Hall also claims to have Anon Lefty's personal address, and considers himself a good sport for not having disclosed it.
Hall also defended his other flame-wars, in his typical chromosome-deficient prose:

You see what really started the fight was Sear coming over to my newly
created blog and demanding that I delete a piece I had written called
“being Anonymous” (in my archive) where I pointed out that we all leave clues
about our identity when we write on the net. This was inspired by an exchange
between Sear and another commenter about Andrew bolt knowing whom he was and
suggesting all kinds of grandiose conspiracies that Bolt would have needed to
find out who Sear is. Had he politely requested my discretion I would have been
happy to oblige but I have never taken to bully boy tactics and that was where
it all started.

Bully boy tactics? This accusation coming from Hall? He does not stop there folks:

You know what I have no guilt at all about the way that I have fought my
corner in the last couple of years but in reference to Mikey he himself
constantly refers to his obesity to his other health issues and at no time did I
ever threaten to inform his employer about his blogging in contravention to his
employment contract, but I did opine that such action would be possible. And do
you know why? Of course you don’t but you are willing to condemn me for it none
the less. So what you cite as facts are actually nowhere near as definitive as
you think.

That Hall has 'no guilt at all' does not, of course, make him 'innocent'. He continues:

Like wise my flame war with Everett is more nuanced than he would have
you believe, more to do with his objecting to my refering to his writing as
"stogey" than the matters that he claims and as for his harping on about
“Monster truck” what a crock that is (the full text of the correspondence is in
my archive) Everett likes to promote himself as some sort of science Guru but do
you know that he is just a student, and an undergraduate at that?

Perhaps if Hall became more student-like, he might give his readers a coherent sentence on occasion.
I won't continue with Hall's other emails; they go on an on. Suffice to say, Hall also accuses me of being Islamic, and of being 'ethically inconsistent' in opposing proto-fascism. Such slurs from the likes of him amount to a compliment, if anything.
I don't intend to waste further blogspace with this narcissistic half-wit. His own statements invite both condemnation (his unwavering support for the bigotry of AWH) and mockery (his inept attempts at blogging, stalking, and blogstalking). I see no cardinal sin in Hallwatch issuing a few broadsides. In any case, Hall's behaviour has become so notorious as to be the subject of an Encyclopaedia article, outlining his antics.
After all this unpleasantness, I'll leave readers with one of BB's satirical songs about Hall (to the tune of 'Candle in the Wind'), in which I find strange echoes of my own sentiments:

Goodbye Iain Hall
Thank fuck we don't know you at all
Or you might have got us sacked
Or even stalked us all
You crawled out of the woodwork
And you created a million blogs
All filled with piss and vinegar
Then again you had no job
And it seemed to us you live your life
Like a condom full of wind
Never knowing when to fuck up
So much shit to spin
We don't want to know you
You're a wanker mate
Your candles burned out, now fuck off
Forever would be great
The intertubes have plenty of evidence of Iain; Hall's unhealthy obsessions:
If I could be bothered with more Googling, I'm sure I could find plenty more about Hall's pathetic attempts to 'out' other bloggers, and his laughable efforts to fill the intertubes with bile against ideological opponents.